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cocos2d skeletons

Skeleton for cocos2d v0.8.1

cocos2d v0.8.1 comes with a template installer. To install it:

$ cd cocos2d-iphone/
$ ./install-templates.sh -f

MyFirstGame project from v0.8.0 was superseded by this template.

Skeleton for cocos2d v0.8

cocos2d v0.8 comes with an empty project that can be used to start your empty cocos2d game. The project includes:

  • cocos2d static library
  • CocosDenshion static library
  • cocos live static library
  • Chipmunk static library
  • The App Delegate
  • A Hello World Layer

To use this project, you should do:

$ cd cocos2d-iphone/tests/samples/MyFirstGame
$ open MyFirstGame.xcodeproj

Skeleton for cocos2d v0.8-beta

by tjweir

http://github.com/tjweir/cocos2d-application/tree/0.8.0 [tjweir - as of 2009/06/19 the 0.8.0 template is broken, I'll fix it soon.]

Skeleton for cocos2d v0.7.3

Skeleton for cocos2d v0.7.1

by javacom

Uses: http://monoclestudios.com/cocos2d_whitepaper.html

Template for use in Xcode, so you can File|New from Template

Extract to: /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/Xcode/Project Templates/Application

The files in the Support folder have to be updated whenever cocos2d is updated.

Download: XCodeTemplate for v0.7.1


Skeleton for cocos2d v0.5.3

by Matt Sephton http://www.gingerbeardman.com


  • main menu
  • option menu
  • player control by touch and/or accelerometer
  • player sprite
  • target sprite
  • scenery sprite (moved through simple code, not an Action)
  • game over logic

Things I'd like to solve:

  • option menu toggle (touch/accel control)
  • reset sprites in a better way after game over
  • better game over handling

Download code: cocos2d-iphone-game-skeleton.zip (v0.5.3)

How to use: load Skeleton.xcodeproj then Build & Go

Skeleton for cocos2d v0.3.2

by Timothy Braun http://www.sparetimeapps.com Features multi-level menu system with music/sound toggle

Cocos2dBlank.zip written using an old version of cocos2d-iphone, prior to menuItemImage. How to use: load Skeleton.xcodeproj then Build & Go

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