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Programming Guide

The cocos2d Programming Guide provides in-depth documentation for writing applications that use cocos2d. Many topics described here reference the cocos2d API reference, provided separately.

If this is your first time reading about cocos2d, we suggest you start at Beginners' Guide.


This documentation is valid for v0.99.x If you find any errors, please, either edit the wiki or send an email to the forum. Thanks.

Beginners' Guide

Basic Concepts

Actions, Transformations and Effects


Labels and Fonts

Tiled maps


Draw & Update

Integrating cocos2d with Social Networks


cocos2d and UIKit controls

Retina Display

Best Practices

Also, don't forget to read the cocos2d for iPhone best practices


Included with Cocos2d are some samples and tests - useful for ideas on how to do things.

User submitted code snippets

Many useful code snippets have been posted on the forum. It can be difficult to find them, this page tries to gather them all.

Sample Games

Finally you can download/buy some open-source / commercial cocos2d for iPhone games

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