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Special Actions

CallFunc / CallBlock Family Action


The CCCallFunc Action allows you to call a method from an action. Can be useful at the end of a sequence action.


id actionTo = [CCMoveTo actionWithDuration: 2 position: ccp(s.width-40, s.height-40)];
id actionBy = [CCMoveBy actionWithDuration: 2 position: ccp(80,80)];
id actionCallFunc = [CCCallFunc actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(doATask)];
id actionSequence = [CCSequence actions: actionTo, actionBy, actionCallFunc, nil];
-(void) doATask
//some code

CallFuncN and CallFuncND Actions

There are two variations of CCCallFunc. They are CCCallFuncN and CCCallFuncND.

CCCallFuncN takes the node as an argument, and CCCallFuncND takes the node and a pointer to some data.


id actionCallFuncN = [CCCallFuncN actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(doATaskN:)]; // make sure you notice the trailing :
id actionCallFuncND = [CCCallFuncND actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(doATaskND:data:) data:pointerToSomeData];
- (void) doATaskN: (id)node
//some code
- (void) doATaskND: (id)node data:(void*)d
//some code

CallBlock / CallBlockN

since v0.99.2

// BCA is cocos2d macro that means: Block Copy Autorelease
// CCCallBlock (no arguments)
id blockAction = [CCCallBlock actionWithBlock:BCA(^{
			[label setString:@"Called Block!"];
// CCCallBlockN (passes the Node as an argument)
void (^block)(CCNode*) =  BCA(^(CCNode *n) {
		// do something generic with node
		CCLOG(@"called block for %@", n);
id blockAction2 = [CCCallBlockN actionWithBlock:block]


since v0.99.2

Simulates a “Camera”. The followed node will be centered.

// create an sprite
id sprite = [CCSprite xxxx];
[self addChild:sprite];
[self runAction: [CCFollow actionWithTarget:sprite worldBoundary:CGRectMake(0, 0, (winSize.width*2)-100, winSize.height)]];


since v0.99.2

It's a “generic” action that lets you modify any property of any objective-c class.

 // It will modify the "rotation" property from 0 to -270 in 2 seconds, and then it will run the reverse action.
	id rot = [CCPropertyAction actionWithDuration:2 key:@"rotation" from:0 to:-270];
	id rot_back = [rot reverse];
	id rot_seq = [CCSequence actions:rot, rot_back, nil];
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