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Rocket Bunny


Arcade, Kids


The bunny prepares already Easter 2013. There are so many children waiting for eggs next year. That's why you need to support the bunny to deliver right in time!

Cruise through hayfields and drop Easter-eggs into the baskets. Be careful there are bees along the way with a nasty sting!
As more eggs are delivered, the more children will likely be happy this Easter season. So help the troubled bunny. Let's go!

The player takes a flight above green spring meadows with jetpack propulsion. It is your job to deliver all the Easter eggs on a tight schedule and avoid all the bad guys in the sky. You control the speed demon rabbit as he hurdles through the air. Thanks to a handy jetpack, forward motion is standard. It’s your job to move Rocket Bunny up and down to avoid the stingers of the area’s bee population. You’ll also be the one aiming all the Easter eggs, and do so with care. The number of eggs you deliver safely to their Easter baskets is your score in Rocket Bunny.

Of course, it’s not that easy. The number of stingers in the area really does get challenging. The combination of steering and aiming, each done with a different hand, involves total brain engagement.
The game-control can be easily learned with a tutorial level. In real game mode you are competing against other players via GameCenter highscore.

This game can be played by children. The game carries nice looking, non-offensive cartoon-style graphics and advances concentration and reaction - this has been attested through German's No. 1 kid app blog "". The order of bees is consistent each try, so that the game advances a mnemonic training, too. All menu buttons are color-encoded - young kids can easily learn without reading.

- Slide finger on left hand to move bunny
- Touch finger right hand to drop eggs
- that's all and we can tell you, it is going to be tough!

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