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Math GO


Kids, Puzzle


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儿童应用大全 - 考拉盒子 是首款专门为家长及儿童设计的非常实用的应用分类、搜索、导航软件, 通过考拉盒子, 家长及儿童能够快速、便捷的找到合适的精品教育应用。

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Math GO is a very simple and straight forward math educational app which let your kids learn junior math, like addition and subtraction with number 1 to 9.

The operation is simple and easy to use, equation is list on the black board and miss several numbers, what you need to do is just pick up the right number in bottom of the black board and make up the equation list on the black board. That's it!

This app has three mode from easy to hard, you start from easy mode and challenge all levels and end up with hard mode. Every mode can let your kids exercise different math knowledge.

★Easy to use, Very simple UI
★Human voice tips
★Three Play Mode(Easy, Normal, Hard)