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LOL uR BrAinZ!




LOL uR BrAinZ! is a casual game that aims to resemble a inteligence game, maybe an advertised by a doctor's one... But this game has a hidden asset! We have kittens! And Trollfaces! And foreveralones! And memes in general!

This is my final project on my Computer Science Degree! And (important!!) IT'S FREE!

What are you waiting for? This would be the favourite iPhone game of Zombie Christ, Son Goku, Bel-Air Prince, Steve Urkell, and many more!

LANGUAGES: Spanish, Catalan and English

1. 2Paired: 2Paired is a classic memory game named... named... uh! Never mind!

Your mission in this game is to match pairs of identical cards. When you uncover a matched pair of cards, the cards will remain uncovered. Uncover all cards to clear the panel and start the next one!

2. Mulero says: Mulero says... is a psychotropic version of well known board game that I can not remember the name.

In Mulero says ... you must memorize the sequence of colors / sounds that is shown to you, and play it below. Each round will overcome a new element to memorize.

3. Pocket money: Pocket money is a game where you have to sharpen your senses, calculate and memorize.

The number above the lid of L€uro-God indicates how many coins will be distributed during this round.

4. Menta-Calc: Menta-Calc is a mental calculation game, like those you did in school when you were young.

The teacher will say a number at the beginning, and will be telling that apply addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

5. Gamblah: Gamblah is an emulation without cheating of the gamblers game that can be found in some dark corner of your city.

Where is the ball? You must have a sharp eye to follow the mobster glass movements. Each hit will make the mobster be more nervous and make faster movements.

6. Boing boing!: Welcome to LOLympic Games! Today can see Boing boing competition! On their marks... Ready... GO!

In this test you have to find the highest jumping LOLboy!

7. Old duck: You are in the woods and you are bored. Any idea to kill time? Yeah! You pull out your iPhone and you start to play Old duck!

In this test you must find and touch the eldest duck of all shown. Fortunately, these ducks have tattooed their age at their side!

8. Discontrol: Commander! Enemy ships in attack position! This is a Discontrol!!

In Descontrol you must destroy the enemy ships that are approaching to your danger area. For accomplish this, you should shoot with the correct laser.