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December 10, 2012 at 12:53 am #245701


Note: The game was submitted today, so HOPEFULLY it gets accepted, and in-time for the Xmas shutdown.

The scheduled launch date is December 20th.


Have you ever play a game as an animal crossing a road and dodging vehicles?

Well in Crazy Highway, your role is sending the vehicles, trying to hit the animals.

A game where speed is just as important as patience, Crazy Highway offers a whole ton of awesome that cannot be described in words.

For the low cost of FREE you can have unlimited fun with the following:


* Free game, completely

* 2 Game Modes

* Many Vehicles to choose from

* Tons of animals to run over

* Nos and Tranq Shots

* Monster Truck Power-Up

* Super-Awesome Rest Area music

* Arctic and Original Themes

* ATM machine to get gold quicker

* Competitive Leaderboards

* Fun Achievements

Designed & Created by KeitGames.


(link to imgur set b/c the screens are huge, and display weird on this website)


Many Thanks To:

Cocos2d Community for all the questions answered

Cocos2d Engine for making this all possible

You guys are the best <3

December 10, 2012 at 2:35 am #393590


Looks fun…reminiscent of Frogger.

Did you consider waiting until the holiday game rush was over to release to avoid being lost in the shuffle of games from big developers? Or do you feel your game has the potential to compete with them (and their advertising onslaughts)?

In any case, here’s hoping you have some success with it.


December 10, 2012 at 6:42 am #393591


Umm, in my opinion, there are those that are going for the cost games from the big publishers, and because it’s going to be free, there will be a ton of people that are willing to try it just because of no cost.

There is the worry of “lost in the shuffle”, but at the same time, there’s a LARGE amount of people all sitting at their families’ house looking up fun apps for their new iDevice, or even current one. So if you can’t make it during xmas, i’d almost say you wouldn’t make it ever (that’s just my opinion)

And ya, it’s described to friends as “Reverse frogger”, where instead of being the animal dodging vehicles, you’re sending vehicles trying to hit the animals. however, b/c of the holiday shutdown, that means basically only 1 chance to submit, and apple will find every reason to reject you, and I don’t want to risk using a 3rd party name like Frogger in my app description if that’s going to get it rejected

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