- If trying V3 for the first time (seasoned or newcomer), please see the Getting Started page.

Latest version

Download 3.0 RC2

Release notes V3 RC2

- Fixed various issues with the new physics implementation
- Fixed various issues with the scheduler
- Fixed path setting in CCFileUtils
- Fixed dangling pointers in CCTableView
- Added new cache code
- Fixed various issues regarding collision handling
- Fixed various incorrect asserts
- Fixed various minor leaks
- Added CCSlider to UI headers 
- Added sine ease actions
- Added GLKit migration
- Fixed improper CCLayoutBox positioning
- Added retina support for Mac
- Fixed a memory leak in action manager
- Fixed a problem with getChildByName
- Added CCActionMoveToMovingTarget
- Added CCColor documentation
- Added OpenAL to CCAppDelegate
- Fixed several minor issues with Apportable

Release notes V3 RC1

- Full integration with SpriteBuilder
- New flexible setup for easy cross platform 
- Full documentation
- Fully integrated Chipmunk Physics
- New node based touch handling
- Improved TTF labels
- Full suite of UI components
- New shader based scene transitions
- Refactored actions
- New naming conventions

Older versions

Download 3.0 RC1
Download 2.1
Download 1.1
Download 1.0.1

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