cocos2d Xcode 4 templates

cocos2d for iPhone Xcode 4 templates can be downloaded from here:


As you might know, Xcode 4 has a new way to define templates. The new format is not documented, so, in order to create the new templates a lot of copy & paste, and trial & error was needed.

The current cocos2d Xcode 4 templates are not as polished as the Xcode 3 ones, but they include the basic functionality.

The package includes:

  • cocos2d template
  • cocos2d + Box2d template
  • cocos2d + Chipmunk template

The “file” and “Mac OS X” templates are not ready yet.

INSTALL (Option A):


$ mkdir -p ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates
$ cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates
$ tar xzvf cocos2d-1.0.0-beta_templates.tar.gz

INSTALL (Option B):

  • Download “develop” branch from github
  • run the install script
$ cd cocos2d-iphone
$ git checkout develop
$ git pull
$ ./ -f -u
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