cocos2d v2.0-beta released

Hi, I am happy to announce that cocos2d v2.0-beta is available for download:

Highlights from v2.0-alpha:

  • Forward-ported changes from v1.1 (batched particles, faster reorder, ARC compatible, and more)
  • Improved draw internal API
  • Added alignment + multiline in LabelBMFont
  • Added “Milliseconds per frame” in Director
  • Improved internal GL cache
  • and more

Full ChangelogCHANGELOG

Release NotesRelease Notes v2.0-beta

API ReferenceAPI Reference v2.0-beta

Migration GuideMigrating from v1.x to v2.0

v2.0 Mini FAQ:

Q: Should I use v2.0 or v1.0 ?

  • A: It depends on your requirements, and varies from case to case.
  • A: If you need to support older devices (1st & 2nd generation iPhones) you should use cocos2d v1.x
  • A: If you need to GL shaders, you should use cocos2d v2.x
  • A: v2.0 is about supporting new technologies (blocks, OpenGL ES 2.0, etc) and improving the current API, while cocos2d v1.x is about backward compatibility

Q: How stable is v2.0-beta ?

  • A: From a code point of view, it is pretty stable. At Zynga, we have just released a game that is based on cocos2d v2.0 (DreamZoo)
  • A: But from an API point of view, you should know that the API is still not stable. It might change a bit until v2.0-final is released.

Q: When v2.0-final will be released ?

  • A:Most probably during Q1 2012, perhaps in February.
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