cocos2d v0.99.0-rc – iPad compatible

cocos2d v0.99.0-rc has been released.


Release Notes:

Full Changelog:

New features (from v0.9-beta2):

  • iPad compatible: cocos2d and the cocos2d tests work in any screen size (480×320, 1024×768,…) (please read the iPad SDK to learn how to create 1024×768 projects)
  • Uses Chipmunk v5.1 and Box2d r39
  • New Camera: easier to use, has more features but it also has new limitations
  • Improved speed in different components: Actions, Scheduler, BitmapFontAtlas, Camera, Node, Sprite, Touch Handler

What’s next:

  • v0.99.0 (final). No new features will be added, only important bug fixes, or opportunistic fixes.
  • Scheduler improvements, Blocks and other features will be added during the v0.99 series

This is a Release Candidate version. It means:

  • It is not yet the “final” v0.99.0 version.
  • Unless there is something totally wrong, there won’t be any changes in the API.
  • No new features will be added (unless “opportunistic” ones).

Update: If you see gray borders on your images, please update to SVN r1761 or just replace the CCSprite.m file with this file: CCSprite.m

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