Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions v0.2 released.


I’m happy to announce that cocos2d-iphone-extensions v0.2 is just released.

You can grab your copy here:
Or you can use git:
Video Overview:

Thank you everyone for your suggestions & pull requests!

CHANGELOG for 0.2 (09-November-2011):

  • New Extension: CCLayerPanZoom (iOS Only)
  • New Extension: TMXGenerator.
  • CCSlider: Uses KVO instead of delegate property.
  • ССScrollLayer: Added new property: marginOffset.
  • CCScrollLayer: Restore blending functions properly.
  • CCScrollLayer: minor fixes & additions:
    1. Assign delegate instead of retain.
    2. Avoid double call of scrollLayer:scrolledToPageNumber: (Issue #82).
    3. Call scrollLayer:scrolledToPageNumber: on Mac, using wheel to scroll.
    4. Added ability to change colors of pages indicator (Issues #84, #87).
  • CCMenuAdvanced fixes:
    1. Bottom to top align bug – menuItem outside of menu bounds (Issue #75).
    2. Inverted X scroll in Mac with wheel.
  • Analyzer issues fixes in CCBigImage & CCMenuAdvanced.
  • Warnings fixes & project modernization.


Our Glorious AUTHORS:


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Twitter: @parkourDev
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