Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions v0.1.1 released

Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions is a collection of quality 3rd party extensions and additions for the Cocos2D-iPhone Engine.

Many Cocos2D developers love to share code on their blogs & cocos2d forum. With this approach it is difficult to find the code or know if the code is compatible with latest cocos2d source. Many developers are forced to reinvent the wheel, and this leads to multiple duplicates of the same functionality, sometimes even with exact the same class names (good example – CCSlider, there are at least 3 absolute independent versions of it ;) )

Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions were created to stop such things and combine all cool extensions in one place, so it will be easy to find, use and maintain them.

Everything that doesn’t modify Cocos2D itself, while bringing new functionality can become a part of Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions Repo: alternative versions of existing classes, additional categories, new nodes, actions, etc…

All extensions are well documented,shipped with testcases and are compatible with latest stable Cocos2D-iPhone version. With rare exceptions, they are designed for both Mac & iOS.

Build & Runtime Requirements are the same as for cocos2d-iphone engine ( Mac OS X 10.6+, Xcode 3.2.3+, iOS 3.0+  )

As well as Cocos2D, Cocos2D Extensions are licensed under the MIT License.

Extensions available in this release (v0.1.1):

  • [iOS/Mac] CCMenuAdvanced – CCMenu subclass with additional features: relativeAnchor, more align options, priority property, scrolling with swipe/trackpad/mousewheel
  • [iOS/Mac] CCMenuItemSpriteIndependent – CCMenuItemSprite Subclass, that doesn’t add normal/selected/disabled images (sprites) as children. It retains them and delegates rect & convertToNodeSpace: methods to normalImage_. So it’s possible to use CCSpriteBatchNode & add position sprites of menuItem anyway you want.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCVideoPlayer – Simple Video Player for Cocos2D apps.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCBigImage – Dynamic Tiled Node for holding Large Images.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCSlider – Little Slider Control to allow the user to set the music/sfx/etc level in the range of 0.0f to 1.0f.
  • [iOS/Mac] CCSendMessages – CCActionInstant subclass, that is more flexible than other CCActions that run functions. Can be used in many cases as blocks replacement.
  • [iOS] CCScrollLayer – CCLayer subclass that lets you pass-in an array of layers and it will then create a smooth scroller. Complete with the “snapping” effect.
  • [iOS/Mac] FilesDownloader – Downloader for a group of files with shared source path.

Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions isn’t one man project – it’s a centralized repo of different developers extensions. So i wanted to ask all of you: please take a look at the extensions repo and help us to expand it!

To use any extension from the cocos2d-iphone-extensions repo – just import the extension folder (i.e. Extensions/CCMenuAdvanced) to your project. If there will be any additional dependencies – they will be mentioned in the extension README file in the same folder.

Latest version of the cocos2d-iphone-extensions repo, wiki and documentation are available here:

If you’re not familiar with GIT – you always can get archived project at the downloads section:

Video Overview:

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